Generate income for your branch using Big Steps of Hope

This year, many volunteers and fundraisers had planned to take part in mass-participation walking and running events that have unfortunately been cancelled due to COVID-19. For the MND Association and its branches and groups, this is a vital source of income that has been lost as participants often raise funds through sponsorship from friends, family and colleagues.

Big Steps of Hope is an alternative event that allows fundraisers to complete their own individual Walk to d’feet MND or Virtual Walk challenge, while following government guidance and social distancing measures. 100% of the profit from the participant’s entry fee is donated to the MND Association nationally, but Big Steps of Hope can be used by branches and groups to raise funds locally. By encouraging supporters in your area to sign up, set up an online fundraising page, and collect sponsorship from their friends, family and colleagues, participants can raise additional funds for your branch or group.

Our participants have raised over £10,000 in sponsorship this year (as of 28/07/2020) – with many deciding the direct their donations to one of their local MND Association branch or group, including:

  • Mike, who has raised £751 for the West Yorkshire branch.
  • Jayne and Alex, who have raised £1073 for the South Yorkshire branch.
  • Anita, who has raised over £2000 for the Milton Keynes branch.
  • Clare, who has raised £71 so far for the East Sussex branch.

Ready to start raising some vital funds? Here’s how we can make a difference, both nationally and locally:

  • Sign up!

    Encourage supporters in your local area to sign up to the Big Steps of Hope Virtual Walk.

    Entry costs £15 (+£2.99 postage and packaging). 100% of the proceeds from the entry fee are donated to the MND Association nationally. There is no cost to your branch or group.

    • Participants can use the discount code BSOH2020 to save £3 on their entry fee.
    • Participants can also choose to make an additional donation at the checkout and can specify if they would like this donation to go to a specific branch or group.

    We will send each supporter an exclusive Big Steps of Hope medal and an MND Association T-shirt (if required).

  • Set up a fundraising page

    There are two options for getting sponsorship donations to your branch or group:

    1) Create a team fundraising page. On your branch or group’s JustGiving page, click the link to Create a team. Once you’ve created your Big Steps of Hope team page, send your fundraisers the link so they can join your team. For further guidance on creating team pages, click here.

    2) Use your branch or group’s existing fundraising page. Simply direct your supporters to share the link to your branch or group’s existing fundraising page, and encourage sponsorship donations to be made there.

  • Promote

    Use your branch or group’s social media feeds to promote your fundraisers’ Big Steps of Hope Virtual Walks and challenges. Remember to use the hashtag #BigStepsOfHope, and to tag us in your photos!

    Click here to visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Feel free to use these resources to help with your advertising:

Together, let’s take steps to d’feet MND!